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For a couple of minutes before taking blood, sit on a comfortable sofa in the hallway and relax. Alcohol and smoking.

The splitting of alcohol products changes the concentration of biochemical parameters in the blood, and smoking affects the vascular tone. Try not to drink alcohol 3 days before your blood test and not smoke for at least an hour before taking a blood sample. Physiological condition. The content of sex hormones in the female body varies depending on the monthly cycle and trimester of Stromectol a child.

Therefore, be sure to clarify which days of the menstrual cycle or the phase of pregnancy are suitable for the delivery of a particular hormone or marker. Time of day. The concentration of certain substances in the blood of men and women changes during the day, so it is better to time some test blood sampling at a certain time of the day. To guide you, below we have provided recommendations for sampling hours for a variety of laboratory parameters.


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Considering that the release of parasite eggs along with feces depends on the life cycle of helminths, the results of the analysis may turn out to be negative even if a person is infected. For 100% certainty, it is recommended to conduct at least three fecal examinations with an interval of three to seven days. Regardless of whether you are taking a daily or one-time urine test:


Daily not to take alcohol, salty and spicy alcohol during the day, and also do not eat foods that affect the color of urine (for example, beets or carrots); if possible, stop taking diuretics before passing urine; always perform a diligent toilet of stromectol genital organs before collecting the analysis; women should collect urine samples for analysis before menstruation or two days after their completion.


You can pick up the results of stromectol for sale of the biomaterial you handed over at the reception or from the doctor who sent you for research. We can also send the test results by email, with your written consent.


You can take stromectol that do not require additional preparation immediately after your visit to the doctor. For example, if you have been assigned a general urine test, there is no need to bring the container in the morning - the nurse will give you the container right now, so that after collecting urine in the toilet, you can leave the jar on the tray designated for that from where your test will be taken to the laboratory.


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CITO - this means that the result will be issued the next day:
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We draw your attention: Anyone who does not have signs of colds and who has not come into contact with people infected with COVID-19 can undergo the examination. Often, tests are a necessary part of diagnosing a person's health status.


So that our patients have the opportunity to pass them without queues and nerves, we have opened a treatment room. The diagnostic department at the April clinic is a place where you can get your tests done quickly and comfortably. In addition to blood, in our medical office you can pass urine and feces testsa.


To check your health status, you can undergo the following comprehensive tests at the diagnostic center: Annual preventive examination Biochemical blood test Hemostasiogram I want to become a mother Before surgery.


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